How it works

On you have the possibilty to create your own uniqe design of your padelracket.
Simply choose the brand of your racket, and on the next page, search for your model, or simply use the searchbox and type the name of your model.
When you have your model infront of you at the screen, click on Customize to start design.
Now a window with a siluette of your rackets form will be visible.
From here, you can either upload your own picture from your computer, add text or add a existing picture from our gallery.
When your picture is showed behind you siluette of the rack you can adjust it.
You can move it and resize it, or throw it, if you want another picture. If you add text, you can type what you want, and resize letters and of course change type and colors.
When the design looks ok, just click on Done, and the costumized print will be in you cart. Simply order it using the form on the check out.
Important, you will get both side of the racket with the same design.
In about 1 week, you will have your prints at home in your mailbox.
Easiest way to add it on your racket is to spray water mixed with a drop of dish-liquid at the racket, and slowly put the print onto it. You can move it so the print matches exact to the holes, and the frame.
When done, just leave it for 12 hours and it will dry and be stucked to the racket.
You can also use a creditcard or similar to quicker take away air under the print.
Please look at our installation movie and you will understand.